Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day One - here I go!

I tried to drive to yoga without thinking...have you tried that before? It's bloody hard! I reasoned with myself that I shouldn't be nervous because I have practiced yoga in the past and had a reasonable grasp of my forthcoming task. The type of yoga I have chosen is Ashtanga or 'Power Yoga' it's NOT the hot one, it's the warm one where you move all the time (repeating the same poses or 'asanas'). Yoga Tapas is nearly the only place in Christchurch you can learn this style.

As I parked the car I couldn't help think "three months of this??" The pain, the focus required, the all overwhelmed me, my heart started to beat noticably faster...or was it the way I bounded up the stairs, my determination overiding my fears?

Sue met me at the counter and before I could think I was sat calmly at my mat mimicking the others as they knealt breathing. I tried to relax but found myself looking around the room (peeking through one eye, as though no one would be able to see me that way) taking in my classroom for the next three months. It was lovely and warm, quiet with just the cars zomming past. A tranquil place that I immediately felt at home in. Incidentally Sue also has her own blog called 'Couscous & Consicousness' you can view it here.

I struggled to slow my breath in the breathing exercises but allowed myself a few was my first day afterall. I stretched and strained for the next 60 minutes. Trying to hide my total non-bendyness whilst my counterparts seemed to move with ease and beauty was challenging. Yoga Tapas include a chanting song thingy at the start of their practices...I hadn't experienced this before and doubted how I would learn the words when they all sounded made up?! Nevertheless yoga is as much a spritual practice as well as a physical one.

I left feeling a little like I had slurped up 14 lattes in a row - too jittery to really control my limbs, let alone drive a vehicle. I felt elated and proud of my efforts as I meandered my way home - keen to skite about my new project.

Good work Brave Girl!

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