Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Twenty Six

I feel like I have crashed people....crashed! I have a cold, a sore throat, boyfriend is having a poos time and is really sad and have just taken my cat to the emergency vet...this is not such a happy house today. I haven't been able to practice yoga as it's closed and not sure if it's so good to do it when sick?

I am really looking forward to getting back in my routine this week hopefully. Nearly a third of the way through the project and I can tell yoga has made a's just (just she says!) a matter of fighting through those 'give up' voices!

I am going to concentrate on just eating well, sleeping enough and drinking lots of water until this yucky stressy time is over. I can see I've been doing far too much, and stressing about things way WAY too much...and because of this my body crashed on me...clever little things our bodies aren't they. If you don't stop then they just do it anyway? Something that plays on my mind often is the negative impacts stress has on my body both short and long term....when I look at yoga instructors they look so calm, well put together, strong but nimble and kind of all knowing....that looks like a good place to be - I bet it takes YEARS!? I wonder if they statistically live longer?

I hope, if you're in NZ, that you are enjoying a peaceful, safe and happy holiday weekend (and so are your fur friends)....see you on the mat!

BG x

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