Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Ten

Three times this week - and the good and very encouraging news is that I am not nearly as saw as I was last week!

Today I found it hard to get into my breathing - and it's really strange how one day you can be moe flexible than any other given day...what's with that?

I have had a relaxing weekend with lots of reading and a nice visit from friends, best of all the sun has been shining all day - wunderbar! I spent most of Sat arvo asleep after yoga..I came home, had something to eat and thought I'll just lie down and have a read of my book....and woke up 3 hours later. I think the yoga has been taking its toll!

I have been making more of an effort to be social and if I feel awkward I am trying not to take alllll the responsibility for that. The other person has equally responsibility to make conversation huh! And sometimes I think you just have nothing to say to certain people. I work with quite a few people who we just move and live in very different worlds. Do you find that or am I really a social lepor?
Similarly to my yoga practice, there will be sometimes (and there has already) when things just haven't worked as I've wanted them too, sometimes I guess it's not me, it's my body and what it's doing or needs to do and that is why sometimes it won't cooperate? Yoga Tapas are very good at reminding you to ease off if you are feeling if you could do that in real life how nice would that be!?

Recommended reading for you is Elizabeth Gilbert's book, "Eat, Pray,Love" - a wonderful read that will pick you up for sure! I'm awaiting the release of her second book....goody! Eat Pray Love is the tale of self discovery, a women whom I can identify with, and I'm sure you will too, who is brave and couragous and funny but most of all inspirational.

Right-o...will write tomorrow after my yogi,yogs thanks for your comments of support they are much appreciated!

BG x

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  1. Completely understand the social leporacy thing! Surely it's not all your fault if your "social limb" falls off every now and again? Good on you for keeping this up...must be great going to sleep knowing you did it for another day. Very impressive Brave Girl :) x


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