Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Five

I've hit my head four times today and nearly sliced off my thumb, managed to burn plastic onto the stove so the whole house smells like the inside of a Barbie Doll box and dropped coffee beans all over the floor....I seem to be overly clumsly? And moody and weepy. My head hurts and I've felt sick for most of the day - despite all this I made it to yoga again.
 It was quite nice to have an hour off 'thinking' and 'being me' and be focused on breathing and simply moving. I'm still finding my way with my practice - it doesn't feel right yet and boy do I do I feel? Am going to practice the hand stand thingy that took me by surprise in class tonight...might have to get the boyfriend to spot me I think? If you've ever seen the UK ad for Tango then you'll understand when I say 'he wasn't prepared for that!' After today's clumsyishness perhaps I'll leave it till tomorrow actually!

You know....I really hope someone reads this, do you think they will? It's quite odd putting your life on screen.


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  1. I just noticed you describe yourself as "run of the mill". nonsense. you're pretty awesome. good work Kiwi. good luck x


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