Monday, October 12, 2009

Day Twelve

Gosh how will I figure out the Day number when I get passed October!

Yoga was again the star of the show this evening. Although might I take this time to remind you all to ALWAYS remember to wear appropriate top kept slipping down and I found it hard to think about my breathing whilst I continually readjusted myself, avoiding being branded a 'flasher'!

I found it easier to GO tonight (progress!!!) - the less you think about the whole thing the more you find yourself there sunddenly on your mat, before you can say samasasakuraraaaazz (ok so I made that do you spell yoga pose names anyway?).
One great thing that Sue said in one of her classes last week and I'll share it with you because I think it's perfect for people who suffer from any type of low mood stuff; heck it's just perfect full stop.She was referring to some yoga practictioner I think...and I'm sorry but I forget his name (see I was concentrating on my breathing after all!), he said that he never regretted a yoga practice but often regretted the times he hadn't got out his mat. Great huh?

This week will be very busy for me, which is why I'm blogging so late!I promise right here, on this computer screen, to get to my four practices, despite the busyness. Yoga, I am starting to think, has opened up more time (for me). I feel like I have a small pocket every second day which is mine...imagine that...a whole hour and a bit to yourself. A whole period of 'you time' where you don't beat yourself up, berate yourself for what a crappy person you are, or ruminate on your faults and short-comings.How lucky am I?!
I think it (yoga) has also helped (boys look away) with my girly cramps too...which are normally totally horrid. It will be interesting to see how this progresses..I will keep you in the loop (cringe)!
If you are reading this and NOT currently practicing yoga, can you do me a favour? Wake up tomorrow and do some nice stretches, no matter what they are I gurantee your body will feel good and your mind will thank you for it :)....too preachy? it for me?!

BG x (thanks in advance for those stretches you do tomorrow!
P.S - also wanted to say a huge thank you to all the comments I am receiving - I love them!


  1. You just said into words how yoga trully makes me be a better person: a whole period of ME time where you don't beat yourself up, berate yourself for what a crappy person you are, or ruminate on your faults and short-comings.How lucky am I?! WOW I had never thaught of it that way but reading this makes me realize why and how yoga CAN & WILL make you feel like a wholesome person!!!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Have just discovered your blog read all your posts, and I thought I was the only one peeking out of one eye! Seems not, i now have a fellow peeker.
    You are so right, yoga completes me, it allows time where I am just me, where everyone elses expectations of who I am fall away, its amazing I actually feel them falling away as if I am sheding the weight of clothing.

    Breathe deeply and keep going :-)


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