Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Nine

So I woke up feeling like I had little tiny pixies inside my kidneys, jumping up and down shouting "Hey Brave Girl we've come to play, we like to jump up and down on your organs, they are so bouncy..."

No I haven't gone mad, well not yet anyway, just feeling a bit (quite a lot) like blurgh! The joys of being a girl. I did however, and I hope you're impressed, don my yoga regalia, drive through the drizzly cold day to arrive at Yoga Tapas to find I had gotten the wrong time and the class was actually on in the evening. DOH!
I have a function tonight so I will have to get there again tomorrow. That will make my total for the week three practices. I think that's not too bad for a first week - do you?

This week I have had the pleasure of working with some great people and it has made all the difference. I enjoy being busy, although there is a balance...sometimes I get too busy and things become too much but right now I'm just a good amount of busy. My job situ is slightly precarious and not always springy (like my kidneys) and this adds to things when I'm down. Work is really hard to find at the moment and I am grateful that I have a little to help pay the bills but mostly keep me busy.
The contrast between this busyness and yoga makes the yoga even more potent I think?

I hope you are warm and dry and free of any earthquakes or tsunamis (or pixie people) where you are.
BG x

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  1. Well done BG! A fantastic first week me thinks. Here's hoping that the springyness stops in your kidneys & continues in your step x


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