Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Seven

Well I'm almost too impressed with myself to it hurts to move at all after a rather vigourous session this evening.

I really, totally and untterly did NOT feel like yoga I said yesterday, I've been feeling sensitive. Today when someone snapped at me, I felt like sitting down on the floor and howling like a two year old. I drove back from work thinking....."stuff it, I can't do this, I can't make it to yoga"....and then the negative spiel started "you never finish things, you always give up, go on give up, GIVE UP!"
Once I got into town, I headed over to pick up the boyfriend who was nice and bright and breezy. He said firmly - "YOU ARE GOING TO YOGA."... "ok," I replied meekly.

My gosh it was fantastic. Right from the world go I could hear the click in my breathing as I set into an even rhythm. The class was probably the most challenging I have done so far and it was relieving to hear others groaning and breathing so deeply. I made it and boy did I feel great.

Today I would thoroughly recommend yoga for stilling, focusing and pushing through to find your quintessential self. The Brave Girl is not a woosey blouse who gives up. The Brave Girl is somone who for an hour and half gave her all, purposefully and honestly. Now it's time for ICE CREAM! yum.

Thanks (boy) for making me go when I couldn't remember why I was doing this.

Night BG x

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  1. You are inspiring. Maybe yoga would help me. I'm gonna look into it now! Thanks BG.


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