Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Twenty Two


I have managed to make it to yoga once this week...ONCE....come on Brave Girl - I have good reasons and now as we approach the Labour Day holiday Yoga Tapas closes for a few days so I won't be able to catch up, so to speak.

I think to balance things out I will try and do some at home tonight - I figure something is better than nothing. And about now I could really do with some mind space!

Why do we work so hard? Is all the stress and exhaustion really worth it? I worry about the long term effects my stressy mind has on the rest of my body - would it better for me long term to do something mindless, that is left at work when you leave?

If you've never looked into the Slow Movement then I would recommend you do - just google makes a lot of sense.

My mood at the moment seems quite stable. I am trying to be less snappy and grumpy at home and remind myself that my work doesn't actually make the world go round so how important is it really???????

Another thing - I think I've noticed my arm muscles are getting bigger...or less droopy!? That's quite special isn't it! When I'm this age I'll be able to do this.....will you? Yoga tricks in my retirement village = no incontinence pants!

Yoga at home it is!
BG x


  1. I am doing a similar thing as you, although I hadn't come up with an inspirational name for it :-) Even just noticing your body is something most of us are too afraid to do. The self-discovery begins ... congratulations. Firstly on starting this journey and secondly on making it this far. Keep it up!

  2. Doing a bit of yoga at home over the weekend is a great idea. But be really aware of setting yourself up for failure (almost everyone does this when they decide to try and practise at home). So don't even think about trying to do a whole practice (sun saluations and the whole nine yards). Decide what you can genuinely commit to every day - say 15 minutes (or if it's only 10 or even 5 minutes that's fine) - but something achievable that you can set aside every day. Then spend that time just sitting and doing a bit of breathing (just like we do at the start of class) - this would be the most valuable thing that you could do for yourself. Then if you feel like carrying on with more practise that's fine, but don't plan for it - most likely you will find a reason not to do it, and then you will feel you have failed. Note this is not a reflection on you - everyone (EVERYONE!) does this. Have a nice weekend BG, on and off the mat.


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