Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Fourteen

CRACK went my back as I stretched into my first sun salutation today. Heck I thought I've broken my back...but no, THANK GOD! My spine was just letting me know that it's still there I think?

I was going to call you yesterday and say...I don't wannnnnaaaaa go! But then I knew what you'd say:just go you big baby! So I stopped thinking about it and before you knew it I was there, on the mat.

I'm going to repeat a little of what I said last post: if you're busy and that's your excuse for getting out of exercise (that's normally mine!) then you should know that it actually gives you more time. I'm finding it amazingingly beneficial to stop for that hour every couple of days and check in with myself, to switch off the blurble brain and to focus on my breath. That probably sounds all hippy la la but it's true.

I'm getting more advernturous too - I did my first proper back bend or bridge I think most people call it. I wasn't sure that I could do it or not but my muscles didn't let me down and before I knew it the world was happily upside down.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good, still sore in random places, but definitely feeling the benefits. I noticed last night how much I like Yoga Tapas. It's much smaller than some of the schools I have attended before, and because of that it has a friendly vibe that puts you at ease (important when you're planning upside down missions).

Each time I go I can feel someone giving me a gold star - I made it that is something incredible in itself. Something simple for me that I can achieve each day. That really means something to me - the only way to get there though I think is to first of all be nice to yourself - allowing yourself the choice. You'll always choose the healthist, most bestest option for you, 'cause you're you and you're remarkably clever.

BG x

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