Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Thirty Three

Yep so I feel like crap-olla! I'm still coughing...woke up on Saturday morning feeling grungy and groggy and still phleghm filled (is that how you spell phleghm?). My weekend didn't help much either. It was filled with arguments, tears and possibly some tiara's have been awared as yet.

I feel left out of the world, forgotten and alone (again)....warning a whinge fest could commence at any time...I'll do my best to reign it in and not spoil your day as well.

It's sunny again, my grandma wrote me a letter - when was the last time you received a letter?They are pretty cool.

Going to yoga feels like a tall order right now - tall like know really huge tall. I will try....first I'll try to get through today, working know how much I love that!

Sorry I'm feeling blurgh, I hope you're not.
BG x

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