Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Fifty Four

Meh, it's all gone Pete Tong.
I'm going to downscale the BGP - a walk is the goal over the next few days. Getting to a gruelling hour long yoga session has blown my brain. A walk and some nice cups of herbal tea and a big pack of tissues.
For I think my life has caught up on me, I suppose that's expected eh.

Trying really hard to give myself a break, as I feel those demons nipping at my heels.
Miss you,
BG x


  1. Hey BG.

    Choosing to change the actions in your action plan when appropriate is as worthwhile as achieving them straight away. If you sail through without having to re-evaluate from time to time you've probably picked the wrong goal.

    Life will catch up from time to time - giving yourself that break is succeeding as much as doing a hundred yoga sessions. That's what loving yourself is about - being hard when the time's right and laying off when it's not.

    Be proud of yourself BG I'm proud of you x

  2. Wow thanks for your comment - the timing couldn't be more perfect,
    x BG

  3. Is sitting around being miserable and feeling sorry for yourself part of your plan ?

    Do you think you are special ?

    Do you think you are the only one on the planet who experiences what you do or are you just the only one who feels the need to make a big deal out of it ?

    Get some serious therapeutic help and stop being a whimp !


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