Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Thirty Nine

I'm here! Still.....hmmm again feeling bad for not writing - I spend too much time for feeling bad and as this is my blog I declare feeling bad officially banned from the BGP. Ok now that I have that out of the way - what have I been up to? Well I was just going to ask you the same thing?!

Me - hmm I have been really up and down.....sometimes I think I'm fine and then I fall to pieces....boyfriend asked me tonight: "what is it that makes you sad....really what do you think?" I replied "it's the way I view the world, mostly dark...I think it just seeps back into me..." I thought that was quite a good description really?

Made it to yoga twice this week - while I was absent I made a decision that I would make two times my goal each week and three is a bonus. I also think some good walking would make a difference....but the time and energy thing is the issue here. I'm going to go to see my doctor this week...promise..I need to get my iron levels checked...being this tired is surely not normal....although probably a side-effect...stupid side-effect.

Good things that happened this weekend by The Brave Girl:
Made it to yoga!
Went bra shopping - a personal pet hate...made much more pleasant by going to a decent shop
Reading my book and falling asleep and allowing myself too :)

Now that I'm over my cold and cough as is the cat (after a VERY expensive visit to the vets) I hope that my yoga practice will find it's momentum again.

I hope you have yours sorted too...
BG x

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